Alboraya (Valencia) 2017 Sup. 665 m²

This house is located in Alboraya,a village near Valencia the border area between the urban grid and a great extension of a vegetable and tiger nut garden. It has a wide variety of vegetables and also a tiger nut garden, which are used to make a unique Valencian drink, similar to a milkshake.

The divisions of the facades and the combination of materials and textures create a feature that is reminiscent of a typical vegetable garden which has been divided up.



Between medians

It is a house between medians located on the corner of a residential block and therefore benefits benefitsthe convenience of urban housing and at the same time, it has its broad broad views over the orchard that fades into the horizon.

Reinterpretation of the garden division

The facade is the result of the combination of a few large white cloths of krion, some splayed arched of IROKO wood, and the slats, which, according to their position, texture and materiality varies. All these elements are arranged within a sealing system that binds the whole.

Perforations in the surrounding

A hipped roof to reinforce the surrounding abstract of the house prolongs the nature of the facade. To the cover of the assembly is subtracted two volumes that make up the terrace and the patio.

Sculpting the volume

To sum up this project it is set in geometric surroundings white and abstract to which, will be applied some perforations that generate the openings of the house. These subtractions reveal a wooden interior of great warmth that contrasts with the purity of the rest of the facade.

The splatters of wood marked the accesses, both the pedestrians and to the vehicles, the balconies of the kitchen and the living room and large terrace- vantage point that mark the housing. The rest of the gaps are closed with motorized planks of white krion on its outer face which when opened, expose the wood on the inside.



The vantage point of the orchad

It proposes a house closely linked to the landscape thanks to the creation of spaces intended for contemplation.

From the large window of the living room and from the terrace you get a panoramic view over the orchard that fades into the horizon.



Natural tones

The light areas are materialized with white krion in the facade, a pavement of large format in a tone of sand and walls and ceilings painted in white. The dark areas are covered with panels of IROKO wood in walls, ceilings and cabinets and a dark brown stone on the pavement. The furniture is always coordinated with the tone of the space it occupies.

Vegetal connection

In the center of the house is located a patio where a vegetal wall articulates vertically around the setting.

In addition to shedding light on the center of the house, it oxygenates and refreshes the environment thanks to the green texture generated at each plant.


  • Architect

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborating Architects

    Estefanía Pérez
    Anna Boscà
    Víctor Ruiz
    María Martí
    María Parra

  • Technical Architect

    Emilio Pérez
    Carolina Tarazona

  • Collaborators

    Tudi Soriano
    Isabel Meyer

  • Photography

    Mariela Apollonio

  • Audiovisual

    Alfonso Calza

  • Music

    Henry Holzwarth
    Papu Sebastián

  • Sustainable beauty

  • Plans

  • Models