Moraira-Teulada (Alicante) 2016 area 246,45 m²

The House of El Portet is located on a narrow and elongated plot in a residential area of Moraira. It has distant sea views, through a wooded area.

El Portet

A poetic space

The elongated shape of the plot determines directly the outline of the house, composed of a set of prisms in different sizes, attached and set back following the main direction of the plan so that it is closed to the adjacent houses and opens to its own garden.

Each volume slides on the next one to create a connection between interior and exterior in the interstices of each room, thus generating a richer space, with lighting and ventilation, and to mark the independence of the different spaces without losing continuity between them. Ramón Esteve

Breaking down the surface

The smaller dimensions have only one floor and they hold the public functions of the home, such as the living room, the dining room or the kitchen, facing the garden and the pool, through a cantilevered veranda. The bigger dimensions have two floors, with private functions and nearby rooms, such as bedrooms, on the upper floor.

The dimensions of the house are visually enlarged by the addition of the space of the garden, which serves as a big background stage. Ramón Esteve
In the central area, a double height area encloses the entrance and the hall. It towers over the other prisms and marks the entrance through its materiality, a sturdy stone wall that gives access on a larger scale.

Perfect Mimesis

The landscape design follows the same concept of the building configuration, so that the project connects the exterior garden stripes to the elements of the building, therefore blending the house and the landscape.

  • Architect

    Ramón Esteve

  • Architects Collaborators

    Anna Boscá
    Victor Ruiz
    Estefanía Pérez
    María Martí

  • Technical Architect

    Emilio Pérez

  • Collaborators

    Tudi Soriano

  • Constructor

    NUAM Levante

  • Project Manager

    Oscar Rivas

  • Photography

    Alfonso Calza