Integrated Management System Policy

In RAMÓN ESTEVE ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA SLP, as a company dedicated to the provision of professional services in the fields of architecture, urban planning and design, and also the assumption by the company of the management, advice, coordination and administration activities related to our professional commissions, whose scope of the management system is: “Drafting of projects and project management of works”, we establish a Policy for the Quality, Environment, Energy Management and Safety and Health at Work, aimed at satisfying the needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our Integrated Management System, which includes as objectives:

  • To achieve the full and continuous satisfaction of all our clients and other interested parties, increasing the quality of our services and processes.
  • To meet their expectations and requirements, as well as to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements and other applicable requirements.
  • To improve continuously, taking advantage of the studio’s human and technical resources, for proper management, competitiveness, internal communication and efficiency of the company’s management system and its processes.
  • To identify the environmental aspects derived from the development of our activities and services and commitment to control and minimize the environmental impacts generated by our activity, as well as those over which we have control and influence in order to protect the environment.
  • To make a sustainable use of natural resources, promoting an efficient use of energy, reducing as far as possible the use of raw materials, and promoting reusing and recycling practices for the waste generated by our activities.
  • To manage the waste generated in the most respectful way to the environment, minimizing the generation of waste, and establishing the necessary controls for the companies that work on behalf of the Firm to do so as well.
  • To establish the channels of communication and training necessary to make the company’s personnel and subcontractors aware of the environmental aspects that derive from the performance of their activities, so that they become aware of them, and can contribute efficiently to the achievement of the goals that we have set.
  • To identify the risks and opportunities that need to be addressed to achieve the intended results, increase desirable effects, and prevent or reduce undesirable effects, and achieve continual improvement.
  • To ensure the safety of workers and collaborators, as well as our facilities.
  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injuries and ill health, as well as for the elimination of hazards and reduction of risks for the Safety and Health at Work.
  • To promote the consultation and participation of our workers and their representatives.
  • To direct and support people to contribute to the effectiveness of the IMS, and the improvement of the energy and environmental performance.

All the people belonging to the organization of RAMÓN ESTEVE ESTUDIO DE ARQUITECTURA SLP, are obliged to comply with the measures established in the Integrated Management System, thus contributing to the process of continuous improvement of the quality of the environmental, energy and occupational health and safety performance of the company.

Edition 1.
Approved by the Management of Ramón Esteve Estudio on January 27, 2022.