House in Rocafort A HOUSE OPEN TO THE SKY

Rocafort (Valencia) 2008 area. 513,55 m²

Rocafort is a village located about 12 kilometers from Valencia, toward the interior of the province, summer houses and irrigated crops. This detached house is located in a residential area on a plot of trapezoidal shape. The central space of the house is inserted along the ground. To preserve the privacy of the housing are marked bands of vegetation on each side.

This dwelling is a construction of inbred lines in which the organization of the split volume has a unique design premise: the proper handling of the geometry and the light enhances the design of the whole

Ramón Esteve

As a result, to a compact volume is added and subtracted parts, to sculpture the volume, until the spaces achieve a proportional and proper relationship.

Playing with light

Playing with the natural lighting is vital, since the house has the ability to be combined with the light through the various openings practiced in its wraparound, so that the spaces are changing as daylight is flowing.

The rooms convey different sensations when the sunlight is projected from the different latitudes. Ramón Esteve

The natural lighting and the proportions of the spaces also help to differentiate the character elements in the wraparound according to the indoors degree of intimacy, the proportions are distinguished from the wraparounds gaps.

Ground floor

The living room is the main space, and it extends to the outside while maintaining the same dimensions and amplifying the feeling of connection with the immediate environment. The dimensions of the porch enhance the presence of the elements: water, vegetation, wood and sky. Ramón Esteve

The floors

On the ground floor, the day area extends the full length of the constructed space and highlights the double-height living room; on this floor, the master bedroom occupies a privileged place, reserved and independent of the rest of the house. On the top floor, two bedrooms and a living room complete the set.


The access to the west, is protected by a small patio and a large car garage that stands out in this facade. The eastern facade, on the other hand, with vast planes of glass opens fully to the pool and lets the light enter directly into the interior.
In the north and south sides, the light enters filtered and regulated by wooden structures embedded in the windows. The white color and the wood in the interior and exterior of the house are highlighted by the green of the garden and the aquamarine tone of the pool.


  • Architect

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborating Architect

    María Daroz
    Olga Badía
    Mercedes Coves

  • Collaborator

    Silvia M. Martínez

  • Technical Architect

    Emilio Pérez

  • Constructor

    DOC Diseño y Objetivos para la Construcción

  • Project Manager

    Javier Segrera

  • Photography

    Eduard Peris
    Léa Chave
    Silvia M. Martínez