Vondom Visual identity / Branding 2010-2013


Following a previous studio plan, we translated the personality of the firm in a separate and distinct visual image. The implementation is carried out in several stages that start with the construction of corporate identity and its application to all media of visual communication.

All visual ingredients are outlined and designate to establish the essence of VONDOM universe.

Identity manual

What is the Vondom universe?

The features that the brand convey are the expressiveness and dynamism of an innovative and international brand, and also showing a friendly and solid character.

It seeks a balance between style and technology with a constant reference in the Allure of the fashion world, creating a sexy, edgy and modern brand.

Put in value

It is very important for a brand to provide symbolic content, for the same reason that it is important for people to identify with a social symbol. VONDOM intends to be a symbol of identification that is why, apart from the color and the letterpress, it searches for icons and symbols that accentuate its presence.

Color code

Golden yellow is the color that defines the personality of VONDOM. The code of use established for the range of colors tobacco, black, white, and the gray scale in different mediums of communication is a detail that adds flexibility and renewal to the statement, trying to avoid monotony for a greater final freshness.

A case of success

After 3 years of a proven track record of success, the brand VONDOM has positioned itself as one of the best brands in the industry, its sales is in constant increase and its international prestige, continues to rise. Innovative both in technological aspects as in design, collaborating with the most prestigious designers in the world.

Creative Director

The figure of Ramón Esteve as an art director of Vondom in recent years has been fundamental in defining the aesthetic personality and the components of the brand. Today, we can already say that he is recognizable and has a notable influence in its sector, in which he has innovated so much technical, aesthetic and formal issues.

  • Art Director

    Ramón Esteve

  • Graphic Design

    Ramón Esteve Estudio

  • Collaborators

    Silvia Martínez
    Angela Sabio