Vondom Catalogues 2017

2017 Designers 2017
Contract Soul 2017
Studio 2017

A new turn to the graphic image of Vondom with the new design of three of its catalogues that reflect the novelties presented during the year with a fresh and avant-garde image that seek to transmit the values of the brand in its publications both across the continent and of the content.


The exterior design concept of the new catalogs is based on the color image associated with Vondom in all its communication and branding materials. In this way, the catalogues are presented as totally monocolor parallelepiped volumes on the outside with reminiscences to the concept colorblock in the fashion world.

Fluoric and highly saturated colors, used both on their covers and on their book spines, are identified with the avant-garde, elegant, dynamic and innovative image present in all the Vondom brand communication materials.

Visual and touch experience

The entirely monochrome surface of the catalogues is only interrupted chromatically by the Vondom logo that appears in white made using high brightness stamping. The rest of graphic elements, such as the miniatures of the pieces on the back of the cover, appear as low relief by stamping favoring an interesting tactile experience.

Global concept

The art direction and the layout of the interior of each catalog follow a coherent aesthetic line both with the exterior and with the rest of them, with a very refined look. With the same branding purpose, the Estudio has also realized the Photograph direction in the publications.

  • Art Direction

    Ramón Esteve

  • Graphic Design

    Ramón Esteve Estudio
    Vondom Studio

  • Collaborators

    Silvia Martínez
    Irene Usero

  • Editor


  • Print

    Abacus Gráfica

  • Photography

    Xavi Gordo
    Marío Sierra
    Jonathan Segade