Vondom Catalogues 2016

2016 Designers 2016
Contract Soul 2016
News Milano 2016
Prices catalogue 2016

The new Vondom catalogues are the result of the bet of this furniture brand on an avant-garde contemporary image and they follow an integral concept that includes the design of the stand, the pictures, the videos and the catalogues presented in iSaloni Milano 2016.

Art Direction

The proposal by the graphic design team of the studio highlights the latest trends with a polished language made up of reflective surfaces, fluorescent dyes, hatches with black and white optical effects, blending of colour gradients and silver gleaming on the covers of the Designers, Daily Contract, News Milano 2016 and new Prices catalogues.

Formal consistency

The art direction and the internal layout of all these catalogues are aesthetically coherent with each other and with their exterior, and they have a carefully honed image. Aiming to the same brand purpose, our studio is also responsible for the art direction of the photographs in the issues.

The different resources used, both materials and typography, are based on a common generating concept that serves as a visual and aesthetic binder. This concept generates a stylistic unity and an aesthetic line that transmit and enhance the brands’ values.

Innovation, avant-garde, dynamism and elegance. These are the values that come from the daring bet by such a bold brand as Vondom.

  • Art Direction

    Ramón Esteve

  • Graphic Design

    Ramón Esteve Estudio
    Vondom Studio

  • Collaborators

    Silvia Martínez
    Angela Sabio
    Isabel Rincón de Arellano

  • Editor


  • Print

    Jimenez Godoy

  • Photography

    Xavi Gordo
    Alfonso Calza