2014 27,24 m²

The thermal (“terma”) space is part of the Author spaces that l’Antic Colonial shows in their facilities.

It evokes a serene and hedonistic atmosphere of pure and architectural forms. The telluric nature of its materials combined with warm tones, is fused in a tectonic environment.

The space is framed by rounded prismatic volumes represented by two large walls that divide and articulate the space. It is materialized through a mosaic of wood combined with a backlit translucent stone. The whole generates a diffused light that captivates the entire space. The perimeter is divided by a few strips of stone of different accents that are reflected on the side walls and continue along the floor. These planes present different depths and illuminate its seals.

The light emerges between these cracks as a fluid element.
The sink and bathtub are dominate the space, acquiring a sculptural dimension.

The Terma assembly has the particularity to be able to harmonize at different levels by well forming part of a bedroom or integrating into one large space, thanks to the spatial game between the private and public as well as the use of natural materials.


L’Antic Colonial is characterized by the production of new natural materials . The mosaic of wood used in the front walls is the Wood Module. In the perimeter walls and floorings the sandstone dessert sand has been used, and in the bathtub and sink the Dark Havana stone has been used.

  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborators

    Isabel Meyer
    Silvia Martínez
    Tudi Soriano

  • Producer

    L’Antic Colonial