Milán (Italia) 2019 128 m²

Designed by Ramón Esteve,  the LZF Stand in Euroluce 2019 is designed as a space that reflects the renovation that the image of the firm is undergoing. It results in a calm neutral space that serves as the background for the main set featuring the lights.

By means of a play of transparence involving curtains and lattices, we fragment the space and modulate a circular and fluid path where the visitor can get to know intuitively the series on display. The cold materials such as metal and marble contrasts with the warmth of the fabrics, the wood and the carpet, and generate a theatrical atmosphere. Besides that, the neutral tones of the background highlight the finishes, textures and colours of the products on display.

The novelties are grouped by collections with different unique compositions presided over by a neon sign that draws the name of the collection. “Wood touched by light”, the LZF slogan, is reproduced even by the general illumination, where the wood in the lamps is illuminated by spotlights with the same temperature colour as their wooden veneers.

  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborators

    Isabel Meyer
    Irene Usero
    Nacho Poveda

  • Produce

    LZF Lamps

  • Photography & Audiovisual

    Alfonso Calza

  • Music

    Holzwarth & Sebastian