CERSAIE Stand | L’Antic Colonial GAME OF MIRRORS

Bolonia (Italia) 2014 66 m2

Cersaie Stand is an exhibition space created for l’Antic Colonial, Porcelanosa, within the framework of the Bologna Fair, where displayed FACES AND MINIM, the new collections of Ramon Esteve for its signature, with all the possibilities of finishes and materials that make up this proposal.


The collection Faces is characterized by the statuesque dimension acquired by each of its element. It is formed by different manufactured sinks made of the only block of natural marble; standing versions, with built- in furniture, countertop or suspended are the main elements of this series. A collection that is complemented with several illuminated mirrors and a coating of natural stone, all the items are under the same concept of flat surfaces that intersect each other.


The MINIM collection is characterized by its formal purity and simple lines. From a module of a storage unit that can integrate a sink or a countertop, adaptable compositions are created to any space according to its needs. It stresses its monolithic form fully covered in stone that we can find suspended to the wall or supported on the ground. It is also complemented by a collection of mirrors illuminated in different dimensions.

FACES and MINIM are available in four varieties of stone: white Athens, Italian Cream, Grey stone and Brown Stone. On the other hand, the furniture of the FACES collection can be found in four natural wood finishes: Grey oak, Earth Oak, Beige oak and White Oak.


In the following area cream colors are introduced, the latest in hallway bathroom environment, where the use of ‘Cream Aegean’ stone, the’ Heaven’ wood and a gold mirror. The visit ends in the lighter area where, separated by a large piece of wall mirror furniture, which is situated in the sample area, along with the “White Andes” stone, the “Eden” wood and a natural colored mirror.

The beginning

The tour begins with the darker tones, using the stone Havana Dark combined with the Madison wood and a black mirror. Gradually you reach the chromatic area in the middle, where the shades of gray emerge with the stone Tanger Tobacco, Wood Mountain, and a smoked mirror.


At the end of the space are exhibited the mosaics made with this natural stone by using a backlit surface at various depths.

The power of details

Hidden and indirect lighting is used throughout the space that immerses the materials and manages to highlight its intrinsic characteristics. This lighting is complemented with other more suitable and directed that give light to the Collections.

  • Design

    Ramon Esteve

  • Collaborators

    Isabel Meyer
    Nacho Poveda
    Silvia Martínez

  • Produce

    L’Antic Colonial. Grupo Porcelanosa