Oliva (Valencia) 2010 4.457,32m2


The childrens’ school Hort Palau is located in Oliva, and must take the diversity of holding classes of both preschool and primary level.

Color compound

The project is divided into several volumes of white large dimensions, organized through the use of color, applied in the outside accesses, the core of communication and the toilets. In this way, in addition to facilitating the student’s orientation, it provides the needed cleanliness to a building whose main users are children.


The main access takes place from one of the shorter sides of the lot; from this point a longitudinal axis is defined and along this line the volumes of alternate form are distributed. On the one hand, the part destined to the infants classrooms, which have an outdoor area for each class. On the other hand, the prism container of the elementary school classrooms, which consists of two floors. The dining room element serves as a link between the parts, while the volume of the gym disintegrates and separates of the set, moving to the area of games and sport courts.

These parts are moving ones with respect to each other, so the exterior spaces define and adapt to different uses.

In the form designed to accommodate the child area, the hallway widens into a few punctual points in order to accommodate the entrances to the classrooms, easily recognizable thanks to the use of color. In the block of primary there is a series of colored courtyards that allow you to illuminate and ventilate the main hallway.


The blocks are presented as large prisms of prefabricated panels of white concrete; color packages are embodied by colored ceramic tile in small format; in some openings parallel to the facade, which filter the light into the classrooms metal meshes are available.

  • Architect

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborating Architects

    María Daroz
    Olga Badía
    Rubén Navarro
    Catherine Genet

  • Technical Architect

    Emilio Pérez

  • Collaborator

    Tudi Soriano

  • Developer


  • Constructor


  • Project Manager

    Antonio Vázquez

  • Photography

    Xavi Mollá

  • Awards

    First prize in the open competition for the project of the Center for Childhood and Primary Education Hort Palau Oliva (Valencia), organized by CIEGSA.

  • Plans