Ruzafa Quarter Offices TEXTURE AND RHYTHM

Valencia 2008 9.000 m2

The building is located in the Ruzafa quarter of Valencia, the heart of the city, in an environment where various architectural styles coexist and buildings dominate the late nineteenth century.

Rhythm and vibration

In this project, we wanted to establish a dialogue with the adjoining historic buildings, from a composition of the front that follows the guidelines that these buildings mark; thus, it is taken as the reference rate, the proportion of the gaps and the heights of the plant. The result obtained is that of a frontage with its own character, without a dominating structure, but a building that completes the unity of the street.


The faç divided into three levels corresponding to the different uses: base, frame and top.
In the first place, the more public is represented by a thin basement, composed by a layer of clear glass and lattice metal planks.

This lattice is desired to mark shadows on the end walls of the facade, so that access can be clearly identified and to emphasize the limits of the façade. Towards the central part, the lattice is open and welcomes large panes of glass that communicate with commercial premises of street thus, maintaining continuity.

The second level is composed of hollow and solid elements that follow a harmonious rhythm and corresponds to the area designated for offices.

The third surface has a volume that contains the facilities, settled and concealed behind a lattice.


Massive parts were resolved with a covering of sandstone in a Matt beige tone of earthy appearance; the gaps are closed by structural glass on hidden aluminum carpentry.

  • Architect

    Julio Lacomba
    Ramón Esteve

  • Architects Collaborators

    María Daroz
    Olga Badía

  • Technical Architect

    Julio Jorques

  • Developer

    MEDI proyectos inmobiliarios

  • Constructor


  • Project Manager

    Oscar Rivas

  • Photography

    Mayte Piera
    Silvia M. Martínez

  • Plans

  • Construction