Library Sant Josep BOX OF LIGHT

Ontinyent (Valencia) 2010 638.18 m2

The Library of Sant Josep is situated in a sprawling area of the town of Ontinyent, along with two primary schools and the IES Jaume I, also designed by Ramón Esteve studio.

This is a free square volume within a green surroundings dotted with trees.


The orthogonality of the surrounding is disjointed into four breakages, materialized through organic levels that introduce natural light and allow the interior spaces to turn toward the vegetation that surrounds it. These walls break up the interior in several rooms, creating a central area of connection.

Curved lines

Access to the library is done through one of the openings of the planes . The curved walls accompany the user to the central area, where there is located the information center and customer care.


The program is defined by the four rooms resulting in: multi-purpose space, children area, general background, and area for magazines, newspapers, music and image. The service areas are located in the interstices defined by the walls that create the gaps.


Soul of the books

By being aware that the heart of the library is defined by the books, they accompany the walls that form the structure and that make up the spaces. The contour plane gives unity and encompasses all areas, and the ramifications of bookshelves surround a central distributor that leads the different areas, limiting them, but maintaining continuity and fluidity of the space.

The fractures made in the wraparound act as polygonal open patios on the facade. The connection with the outside is direct, since views are created between cross- stays and visual leaks.

Natural light

A large number of skylights of various diameters filter a homogeneous light, neutral and clean, creating a calm atmosphere that encourages reading and reflection.

  • Architect

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborating Architects

    Esther Broseta
    Rubén Navarro
    Olga Badía
    Anna Boscà

  • Technical Architect

    Emilio Pérez

  • Collaborators

    Silvia M. Martínez
    Tudi Soriano
    Patricia Campos
    Estefanía Pérez

  • Developer

    Ajuntament d’Ontinyent

  • Constructor

    Construcciones Díaz Sala

  • Project Manager

    Manuel Pamíes

  • Photography

    Diego Opazo

  • Awards

    First prize in the competition by invitation for the drafting of project Library Sant Josep in Ontinyent (Valencia), organized by the city council of Ontinyent.

  • Plans