Na Xemena

1996 Producer | Gandia Blasco


Na Xemena House and the collection of outdoor furniture Na Xemena, both designed by Ramón Esteve, celebrate their 20th birthday.

The collection involves the introduction of Ramon Esteve to the world of design, in addition, to the beginning of the professional relationship with the signature Gandia Blasco. This collection arises as a response by the architect to a problem that was recognized in the realization of one of its architectural projects.

Design from the architecture

In the construction of the house Na Xemena in Ibiza, a name that was later to be adopted to the collection, arose the need to arrange furniture that responds to the philosophy of the House while adapting to all areas of the House. The furniture had to have very definite characteristics such as easy mobility, weather resistant, long-lasting and elegant.


For me the furniture is an element that, on one hand transmits the guidelines of the architecture, and the other hand connects the architecture to the man. Ramón Esteve

Oblivious to the vagaries of fashion, this elegant collection has become a point of reference when it comes to design and a “must have” of the contemporary space. The Gandia Blasco signature, which known until then for the realization of carpets, took charge of the collection´s production.

Na Xemena has been considered to be an expression of a new form compared to the traditional concept of garden furniture.

A great family

The collection Na Xemena for a few years was in constant growth, each season included a few more pieces to cover the needs of the exterior spaces. The collection consists of high and low tables with wheels, chairs, stools, benches, armchairs, loungers , carts, shelves, cupboards, trays, etc., all marketed by Gandia Blasco.

Na Xemena creates an atmosphere of serenity and balance, something that stimulates sensitivity and invites you to enjoy every moment.

Made of aluminum profiles anodized or thermo-coated (white, bronze, sand or tobacco) and polyethylene 100% recyclable.

To achieve a consistent and powerful image, the designer displayed constant involvement. The designer was always very close to the company , both in the realization of the photographic images as to the design of the catalogs, fair stands , and everything else that is related to the company’s image and the collection.

15 years growing

In the year 2011, to celebrate its 15th anniversary, the collection was released in new colors and textures that interact in different environments and natural spaces, as well as being perfectly integrated into interior spaces. The collection presents a soundproof structure, and just like the parts of polyethylene that are in colors white, bronze, sand and anthracite in a method that can combine all colors together.

No family of outdoor furniture has been so significant in Spain like this one. Soledad Lorenzo, director magazine Architecture and Design

Industrial development

The initial structure was carried out with standard profiles of different sections of steel with dichromate finishes and thermoset paint coating. When Gandia Blasco decided to market its brand, it was necessary to look for lighter materials and materials that had long durability in the exterior, such as anodized aluminum and polyethylene.

Currently the manufacturing is on an industrial level that is fully calibrated, using profiles, injection parts, machined by numerical control, pneumatic presses, etc.The furniture has a great durability in its fixture thanks to the parts with fixed joints along with polyamide elements on the screwed profiles and the MITRE joints that are reinforced with aluminum angles.

Na Xemena was the project in that, for the first time, I was able to express my way of doing architecture in a blunt way. From many points of view: from the relationship with the place, both physical and cultural, till the detail of manipulating the perception of the place by creating a total experience. Ramón Esteve
  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborators

    Juan A. Ferrero
    Silvia Martínez

  • Producer

    Gandia Blasco

  • Photography

    Ramón Esteve
    Chencho Duato

  • Awards

    Award for Na Xemena lounge chair “Le salon du meuble de Paris”

    Awarded in the 15º International Competition of Furniture Design in Valencia, Spain