Link XXL

2010 Producer | Vibia


Link is a modular lighting system designed for Vibia.

It comes in two versions of different sizes to accommodate different scales: Link XXL for contract spaces and Link Home for households.


The Link configurations allow you to play with the light trajectory to contact with the different geometries of each cube, creating an illuminated ambient that is pleasant and indirect.

The Link lighting modules are adapted to spaces of different size and geometry, by adding or decreasing units. They allow to create silhouettes and volumes on the ceiling, custom-made for each space and location.

XXL System

Link is composed of four modules of various sizes and heights, finished in lacquered matte white and gray graphite that only requires an electrical connection point.

The lighting link modules allow you to create shapes and volumes on the ceiling to measure each space and situation by offering a wide range of geometries.


The four modules of the lighting Link can be connected to each other by any of the four sides of the piece, thus allowing them to create all kinds of sets, and volumes according to need. Link is adjustable via the DALI system that allows different intensities according to the time and atmosphere desired to create.

Home system

From more domestic dimensions, the Vibia Link Home program is composed of a wall light or a recessed lighting fixture with a methacrylate diffuser. It is available in glossy lacquered white or glossy lacquered graphite.

  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborators

    Tudi Soriano
    Isabel Meyer
    Anna Boscà
    Silvia Martínez

  • Producer


  • Photography

    Fernando Alda