2003 Producer | Gandia Blasco

The Luna collection transcends the Cartesian geometry to find the lightness in its disjointed surrounding and outlines. The profiles follows abstract trajectories and manage to adapt to the frame in a natural way.

The LUNA collection from Gandia Blasco arises as a consequence of the interior design project of the LUNA CAFE, a multi-purpose local that delivers a casual, informal and cosmopolitan character. The design of the pieces responds to this philosophy, of contemporary life.

The delicacy of the forms

The pieces that form the collection play with the lightness and subtlety and at the same time they seek integration in any environment, without losing presence. The geometry bases its appeal on the poetic implication, combining simplicity and character.

On the basis of a translucent material as is the methacrylate satin, and of a light structure, and surrounding of stainless steel structure, was born a collection of pieces that bring lightness to the environment.

Experiment with color

For the more adventurous the collection is presented in acid colors and for the more serene, more neutral colors such as white ice or blue cobalt.

The collection is composed by a lounger, with or without wheels, low tables, high tables, chairs, high and low stools, armchairs and sofas.

  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborators

    Silvia Martínez

  • Producer

    Gandia Blasco

  • Photography

    Chencho Duato