2009 Producer | Vondom

Faz is the first collection of outdoor furniture which Ramón Esteve studio designed for Vondom. With the development of the collection Faz begins a link with the world of polymers and an intense relationship with the Spanish company Vondom, with which we share concerns and passion for design.

Plant holders

Formed by three modules, as if three diamonds were to emerge from the earth to join each other and become one. These joint pots, create a frame of great visual impact. For the greatest pleasure of the senses are they transformed and lit carrying out an image almost from another galaxy.

Prismatic planters

Following the research on faceted shapes, a new line of planters completes the Faz Collection. Three prismatic units that can be combined so they fragment the space in an almost sculptural way.

The collection

The various parts that make up this collection of outdoor furniture are generated from its flexibility of the surfaces generating interesting composition of light and shadow, resulting in a sculptural image.

Modular sofa

The complete the collection, which includes versatile pieces such as the modular sofa, it offers a great deal of freedom to set up unlimited number of ways to adapt to a variety of spaces.

The armchair

This piece of robust appearance is, however light. it is a piece that seems carved from a mineral, which gives it an elegant and natural shape that is seamlessly integrated into the architecture of the avant-garde. Its discreet size does not diminish comfort completely due, to its ergonomic shape which turns it into an ideal piece for both dining room seats as for terraces.

Faz table

After three years of research and development of the engineering team, along with the architect Ramón Esteve, Vondom, has initiated its bet for metallic materials. The new line is formed by elegant tables and chairs of different sizes, which base is realized using lacquered metal rods.


Some of the pieces in the collection remind us of the figure of the crystallized quartz by the way the light hits the facets that unfold, forming attractive volumes.

“The pieces are obtained by using the latest technology of rotational molding”

It is a recyclable material that withstands extreme weather conditions and gives lightness to the product, offering different finishes and with the possibility of integrating light into the interior. The parts have different finishes and are prepared to accommodate light.



All the furniture has proper light since one of the distinctive features of the company is that Vondom uses in its products a DMX controller that lets you control the lighting of the products from IOS and Android mobile devices getting the lights in the room to be in a stand-alone mode.

This collection is inspired by the faceted mineral form that we find in nature.

The FAZ chairs with rod legs ¡, and its connections of polycarbonate base and the spectacular faceted bar, were parts that have joined the extensive catalogue of the faz-collection. The collection was presented at the last edition of the Milan trade fair, an event that brings together the most relevant and latest news of international design.


After 3 years of research and development by our engineering team, together with the architect Ramón Esteve, VONDOM has started its commitment toward for metallic materials. The elegant tables and chairs of different sizes and designs, whose base is formed by lacquered metal rods.

The top of the table is of phenolic material (HPL), meanwhile the seats are made of PP by injection technique.

The table

Like the rest of the collection’s design, the Faz table’s angular lines are born from the same geometry of those found in minerals in nature, which mimic angular crystals.

Faz bar

The FAZ family is growing and growing. VONDOM proposes a bar counter inspired, like the rest of the pieces from the collection, by mineral forms that could be found in nature. In this case, it recalls the shape of crystallized quartz.

Game of light

RGB lighting is also incorporated, a highly weatherproof system that can be used to create truly enveloping atmospheres.

Faz Wood

Vondom adds wood finishes to the legs of the classics Faz chair and table designed by Ramón Esteve. A reinterpretation that reinforces the inspiration of the collection based on minerals and their role in nature.

The combination of wood reinforces the avant-garde and innovative character of the collection while making it a warm and comfortable piece perfect for interior spaces.

  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborators

    Nacho Poveda
    Esther Broseta
    Isabel Meyer
    Tudi Soriano
    Estefanía Pérez
    Silvia Martínez
    Gloria Izquierdo

  • Producer


  • Photography

    Jonathan Segade
    Eduard Peris
    Mario Sierra
    Xavi Gordo