2015 Fabricante | L'Antic Colonial

The idea comes from the origin of the rock. A quarry is a big living sculpture which shape is changed by the forces of nature and by human hand.

The essence of L’Antic Colonial is working with natural materials. During the process of inspiration for the Faces Collection, we studied the formation of the material.

When a rock is cut, the patterns on its surface show you a part of history. They are an evidence of the course of time and the process that formed it. Heat, pressure, time and even chance work on the rock creating the patterns and textures that are characteristic of the marble stone. Each piece is a unique and unrepeatable object.

We aim to play with the dichotomy between natural and artificial. We work with a natural material although we follow the rules of geometry. The industrial process is but an extension of the human handiwork.

Cutting stone

The block is already containing the piece, so we just carve it out while applying the rules of geometry. The Faces collection is made of irregular polyhedrons that recall mineral formations. This kind of shape enhances the aesthetic qualities of the stone and gives it the character of a sculpture. The collection is formed by several items with a common base on a play of intersected surfaces that create different facets.

Three pieces

Firstly, we introduce a prism-shaped counter with a carved void that serves as a sink. The second piece is a topcounter washbasin. Finally, the third piece is available in two versions: the first one is compact monolith of natural stone and the second one has got a wooden box as its lower part.

The collection also includes accessories, backlit mirrors, towel rails and supporting elements, as well as a bas-relief facing shaped in the same geometry.
  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborators

    Isabel Meyer
    Nacho Poveda
    Silvia Martínez
    Alejandra Centelles
    Alex Pérez

  • Produce

    L’Antic Colonial, Porcelanosa

  • Project


  • Photography

    Alfonso Calza
    L’Antic Colonial