NH Krasnapolsky, nominated for a MIPIM

NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky is nominated in the category ‘Best Hotel and Tourism Resort’ for a MIPIM Award 2017. Created in 1991, it honours the most outstanding and accomplished projects, completed or yet to be built, around the world,

Located in the Dam square of Amsterdam, with views of the Royal Palace, the Grand hotel Krasnapolsky is located between the most emblematic buildings of the city. Its origin dates back to 1865, already then being the central enclave of the high society of that time.

“The objective of the intervention has been to give a new identity to the hotel based on the elements of value in its history and its surroundings.” Ramón Esteve


 The result of the experience translates into an environment of high quality and comfort with contemporary language. Its colors and proportions transfer to the interior of the hotel and its atmosphere, which is so typical of the city of Amsterdam.

Through the combination of neutral colors, predominantly wood, beige limestone, and the black wood combined along with the red Krasnapolsky in its various shades, a set of extreme elegant contrasts is generated.

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