Cottage in the Vineyard, CEMEX Building Award

A building by Ramón Esteve, the Cottage in the Vineyard, has been selected to represent Spain in the 2018 CEMEX International Building Award in the Residential category. This international contest will be held the next November in Mexico and buildings from all over the world made with CEMEX concrete or cement will be taking part.

The Spanish jury, comprising architects and experts in construction, sustainable building and infrastructures, as well as CEMEX Spain executives, has regarded “the perfect symbiosis between the building’s basic elemental volume and the natural environment where it is placed: a forest that surrounds the building completely”. The committee has laid emphasis on the composition of the project, highlighting that “it recalls Classic architecture and Laugier’s myth of the primitive hut”, as well as “the accurate work of laying and casting the white concrete that reinforces the edges of the volume with the pattern of the formwork planks”.The CEMEX Building Award is an initiative created and set by CEMEX that every year awards the best buildings around the world and, in doing so, also awards the people, like architects, engineers and builders, that make them possible. Its objective is the development of a global culture of ongoing building innovation by encouraging the exchange of ideas and solutions between different constructive cultures of the world.

The first edition was held in 1991 in Nuevo León, Mexico, and a first step towards internationalisation was taken in 2004 with the participation of buildings from different countries like USA, Spain, Colombia and Venezuela. Due to its great international acceptance, 12 countries were invited in 2005 and a record international participation of 24 countries was achieved in 2006. Spain has been taking part in different categories since 2004.

The CEMEX Building Award celebrates its XXVII edition this year and it is worldwide considered one of the most important recognitions in the building industry in Mexico and abroad.

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