Towers of Vondom 2011 and 2012

Torres de Serranos (Valencia) 2016

Vondom has chosen the Serrano Towers of Valencia twice as an emblematic monument of the city to celebrate a unique event, ‘Vondom to Las Torres’ to display their innovations in the setting of the Fair of ‘See you in Valencia’.

Emblematic monument

The Serrano towers is one of the best preserved monuments of the city of Valencia. In Gothic style, dating back to the end of the 15th century, is located in a very busy Central area with large influx of tourists, so the impact of the event was immediately in the media.

In both editions it has counted with talents in design and architecture such as Studio A-cero (Joaquín Torres and Rafael Llamazares), Ramón Esteve, Teresa Sapey, J.M. Ferrero, as well as prestigious entrepreneurs, mass media and institutional personalities that led the beginning of an exciting night.

The access to the event was done through the monumental stone staircase of the medieval building, on which were placed pieces of the brand name backlit with plant elements, which managed to provide personality and identity to the area.

Ambiental light

In the interior of the building and in each one of its rooms was deployed the wide range of VONDOM collections, organized by collection. An ambient light color contributed to each one of the rooms.

From the plaza next to the monument, there was a great visual impact thanks to the magical architecture of the building and lighting elements that projected in each of their arcs.

Live music

Both events are incomparable with live music and cocktail. At the top of the towers a couple of tenors and a soloist gave their voices and melodies to the public through classic themes. Without a doubt, it became one of the most exciting moments of the evening, at midnight, and above the old town of Valencia City.

In short, it was a charity event where design, art, live music and history were blended in the environment and whose collection was designed for the Valencia Charity House.
  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Design Coordinator

    Silvia Martínez

  • Collaborator

    Isabel Meyer

  • Producer


  • Collaborating Companies

    Luna Catering
    Celler de Roure

  • Media Partners

    Arquitectura y Diseño
    Harper’s Bazaar
    Robb Report