Lugares donde apetece vivir Music Album

2017 Producer | REE

“Lugares donde apetece vivir” (“Places you would like to live in”) contains the collection of theme songs developed for Ramón Esteve Estudio projects under the music production of Ph | Papu & Holzwarth.

Places you would like to listen to

Nine tracks, which are intended to capture the multisensory experience produced by those places and to evoke it through listening to the album, compose this compilation only available in digital format.

The continuist line of the music record brings coherence to the set of pieces.




This work is an artistic joint work which integrates two interdependent and living together complementary essential elements: the spatial and interior design and the music of architectural inspiration and contemplation. The result could be summarized in the following sentence: Places you would like to live in, sounds that allow us to dream. Henry Holzwarth

“Lugares Donde Apetece Vivir, vol. II” (Places you Would Like to Live in, vol. II”) was born as a continuation of the first album, seven themes conceived for each Ramón Esteve Estudio new project.








  • Art Direction

    Ramón Esteve Estudio

  • Music

    Holzwarth & Sebastian

  • Music Producer

    Ph | Papu&Holzwarth

  • Photography

    Carmen Martorell