Tarragona Hospital (extension) FINALIST PROJECT

Tarragona 2019


Conceived in a balanced and serene way, the preliminary design by Sulkin Marchissio and Ramón Esteve for the first phase of the competition for the extension of the Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona configures a proposal without artifice but with identity.

All the parts that articulate the idea guarantee an integrated and harmonious final result, where all the buildings and their surroundings appear in balance and can be understood as a whole.

The design encompasses both the functional requirements and the values of a hospital such as Joan XXIII: flexibility, serenity, integration and identity Ramón Esteve

At the urban level, the complex has the appropriate scale. The large hospital island is solved and structured by an avenue that articulates the circulation, starting and ending it with two public squares that gather the users and give bipolar access to the main urban hall.

In the functional aspect, it is flexible and understandable space designed with the end user in mind, so a sporadic visitor can easily understand it. At the architectural level, the hospital complex has the right presence and its image is the result of its constructive structure, with a modular, repeatable and flexible system.

One of the fundamental objectives of the project is to show the high level of quality of care that the Hospital of Tarragona offers to the citizens, always from an essential while friendly approach. It is a commitment to generate humanized and comfortable spaces that welcome the patient.

  • Architects

    Néstor Sulkin
    Ramón Esteve
    Walter Marchissio

  • Project Team

    Anna Boscà Català
    Mie Tamashino

  • Developer

    Infraestructures de Catalunya
    Generalitat de Catalunya.