Posidonia VONDOM


The Posidonia collection was born as the evolution of a Best Seller which was in 1996 the introduction of Ramón Esteve in the world of design. The collection arose as a response to a problem that occured during the materialisation of an architectural housing project that Ramón had designed in a paradisiacal cove in Ibiza. 

The need for furniture that responded to the philosophy of the home with very specific characteristics, such as easy mobility, resistance, serenity and timelessness, gave rise to a family of outdoor furniture that redefined the traditional concept of garden furniture, becoming a benchmark of design and a must-have for any contemporary space.

‘This collection was the project in which, for the first time, I was able to express my way of doing architecture in a forceful way from many points of view: from the relationship with the place, physical and cultural, to the fact of manipulating the perception of the place, creating a total experience’, Ramón Esteve.


In 2022 Vondom takes over the production of this famous family under a new edition named as the Posidonia Collection, in a nod to its Mediterranean origin and with the purpose of maintaining the connection with its predecessor. Made from anodised or thermo-lacquered aluminium profiles in different shades and 100% recyclable polyethylene/HPL, Posidonia is composed by numerous pieces such as sun loungers, high tables, low tables, tables with wheels, chairs, stools, benches and armchairs.

‘No family of outdoor furniture has been so celebrated in Spain as this one’, Soledad Lorenzo, director of Arquitectura y Diseño magazine.

Unaffected by the vagaries of fashion, Posidonia is capable of creating an atmosphere of serenity and balance, awakening the user’s sensibility and inviting them to enjoy every moment.

  • Designer

    Ramón Esteve

  • Director Product Department

    Nacho Poveda

  • REE Design Team

    Gloria Izquierdo
    Carlos Granell

  • Producer


  • Photography

    Xavi Gordo

  • Year