2013 Producer | Vondom

Following the briefing of the customer to make lightweight exterior parts and a light scale frame, the collection was born of the generation of serene and enduring forms by using the fundamental geometry as the framework. Motivated by the endless possibilities the material has to offer, using an advanced technology, and exploring the limits of it. The sections’ framework is finally amplified with attaining some parts of visual lightness that at the same time are resounding and resistant.


“The generation of serene and enduring forms was born, using the framework as fundamental geometry”.

Lightweight and functional

The collection gives an answer to the different needs of the outdoor spaces thanks to its variety of parts and features. The collection consists of high and low stools, benches, armchairs, modular sofas, tables of various dimensions, chairs, recliners and loungers. The lightness of the pieces, as well as the ability of some of them to be piled up, makes it easy to change the configuration of the spaces’ layout.

As well as the lounger, with a reclining backrest, which includes built in wheels into the frame for easy mobility.

The sections’ framework is finally amplified with a few pieces of great visual lightness.

The family grows

The modular sofá is a sectional seating collection of serene and timeless forms that have a highlystructural frame as its basic geometry.

The modular FRAME pieces are characterized by a visual and physical “lightness”.

Modular sofa

This ephemeral quality can create multiple configurations as well as lend highlevel of comfort. Various sectionals, including LEFT, RIGHT, ARMLESS, and CORNER are available and can easily adapt to different spaces, creating sofas of various sizes and layouts.

Like the rest of the FRAME collection, the resilient assemblies push the limits of technology and materiality.
The Valencian architect Ramón Esteve has used a fundamental geometry to create pieces look lightweight and at the same time robust, with a high level of comfort, given that its design has taken into account the appropriate inclination for each position… Disseny CV
  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborators

    Ana Llobet
    Nacho Poveda
    Isabel Meyer
    Silvia Martínez

  • Producer


  • Photography

    Jonathan Segade
    Mario Sierra
    Xavi Gordo