The Tempo collection is inspired by high-end leather goods and their production processes, worked with exquisite precision and meticulousness. The metal inlays and the use of leather are direct references to this craft, giving rise to pieces that exude luxury and a strong sense of character.

A careful selection of noble materials with their different colours and textures bringing harmony and rhythm to the ensemble, resulting in a complete collection of elegant and timeless indoor furniture.

Tempo coincides with the launch of a new product line by the consolidated furniture firm Coleccion Alexandra, which at the same time changes its name to Alexandra under a renovation process that aims to embrace a fresher and more avant-garde air.

Under the name of Alexandra Forwards, this new line materialises through a series of signature designs that boast a composed and refined aesthetic.

  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • REE Design Team

    Nacho Poveda
    Carlos Granell

  • Producer

    Alexandra Forwards

  • Art Direction


  • Year