Hayden BOLIA

2020 BOLIA

This sofa is a combination of Danish aesthetics, Italian sitting and proportions together with Mediterranean living. A composition that unites the verticality of the structure with the horizontality of the seat and a relaxed depth.

The simple rotundity of its contour contrasts with the fluffiness of its interior cushions, soft and loose, allowing its combination and movement. A piece that embodies Hygge, that difficult-to-translate Danish word that evokes coziness and intimacy.

The tapestry that wraps the structure protects this cubicle whose interior houses a large seat. Its soaped finish wooden legs, typically Danish, give the sensation of being embedded in the tapestry. This tapestry, rigid but puffed, contains the cubic volume that defines this sofa, which is gentle and delicate.

A Danish design with a Mediterranean air, cozy, warm and somehow offers a familiar place, providing a seat capable of inspiring a quiet, calm and pleasant lifestyle.

  • Designer

    Ramón Esteve

  • Director Design Department

    Nacho Poveda

  • REE Design Team

    Gloria Izquierdo

    Carlos Granell

  • Producer


  • Year