2010 Vondom

Vela is an extensive collection of furniture and flowerpot holders of exterior that seeks to offer the comfort and the warmth characteristics of the typical indoor furniture, without losing its original qualities. It is a modular system with basic prismatic volumes which bases its singularity in the balance of its proportions.

The purity of its geometry grants it stability and strength while its chamfered base brings lightness, separating it from the ground and offering an image of harmony and elegance.

Their rotund volumes seem to float a few inches above the ground when illuminated and transformed into light architectures.

All parts are obtained by linear rotational molding of low density polyethylene. It is a 100% recyclable material that withstands extreme weather and gives lightness to the product. It allows finishes of matte, gloss or color and is ready to incorporate light.

The collection, manufactured and marketed by Vondom, consists of tables, chairs, armchairs, sectional sofas, stools, bars, pots and lamps. These elements can be combined together to form numerous compositions that coexist with any space

Designed specifically for contract solutions, the Vela Bar is a straight bar module that can be combined with the corner module to form a larger bar.

La Vela Bar is one of the first lit bars allowing accessory of the door. It is the perfect complement for any restaurant terrace or beach bar. Its lighting creates a warm atmosphere.

The bars’ bars are subject to constant rubbing, so to protect them there is the option to acquire a covered bars of tempered glass or stainless steel, thus protecting the exposed portion.

For smaller spaces or mobility needs a smaller bar was designed, the catering bar model, which is also illuminated.

Designed to infuse style and comfort in leisure, events and clubs, the Vela Chill Out range stands out for its simplicity and elegance.

For its modular and geometric nature, the possibilities of assembly are infinite, therefore it is a collection with much success and high demand for all types of events and international VIP spaces.

The Chill collection of Vela for Vondom is a design suitable for any outdoor area. It consists of tables, ottomans, lamps and pots that can be combined in any desired quantity of finishes.

As a special piece, it should be noted that the collection includes the daybed with or without a canopy, in an appealing round version, which is the latest reference to this family full of style.

  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborator

    Isabel Meyer
    Nacho Poveda
    Tudi Soriano
    Silvia Martínez

  • Producer


  • Photography

    Jonathan Segade
    Xavi Gordo
    Mario Sierra