2009 Producer | Vibia

Inspired by the traditional Japanese art of paper folding, Origami fixtures perform and transform the surface into light sculptures.

Between art and design

Origami is a lighting fixture designed for Vibia linking light functionality with the opportunity of artistic creation, where the walls are the canvas and the modules become pieces of decorative art or wall art. With only two elements combined together obtaining unique designs and custom lighting effects.

By using several pieces with a single point of electrical connection, you can dress up a wall or a ceiling with countless compositions.

Interior and exterior

The Origami light fixture is designed both for indoor and outdoor use. Each lamp is suitable for outdoor environments and includes LED technology that provides high performance and energy efficiency light of adjustable intensity.

Variety of series

The collection of origami offers a variety of finishes that includes lacquered matte white, oxide and green oxide, with a polycarbonate diffuser.

Origami, murals of light on the wall” Lightecture nº6.
  • Design

    Ramón Esteve

  • Collaborators

    Isabel Meyer
    Silvia Martínez

  • Producer


  • Photography

    Fernando Alda