Salone del Mobile Milano 2019

Ramón Esteve comes to the new edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano and brings a selection of products designed for such well-known firms as Vondom, LZF Lamps or the Italian firm Talenti.


Hall 10 Stand D31

The PIXEL collection, designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom, is inspired by the small elements of colour that make up an image, looking to connect the piece with the numerous possible outcomes that are generated as a result of how it is arranged.

The PIXEL sofa is composed of three independent modules that allow you to create countless shapes; from linear sofas or chaise longues, to corners or even a bed.

PIXEL’s main characteristic is its low seating height, designed for a more intimate use that ties the piece in with chill-out zones. Manufactured by rotational moulding, its versatility is enhanced through the upholstery, available in a variety of fabrics and finishes that can be combined with one another; alluding once again to its name and mirroring those coloured dots that serve as the origin of an image and the shape through different combinations in 3D.


Hall 10 Stand D31

Designed by Ramón Esteve for Vondom, the main characteristic of the Moon Daybed is its circular shape and the rotating system on which its base rests, which allows the piece to rotate on its own axis.

Articulated through two hemispheres, the base is made of rotational moulded polyethylene with the possibility of LED backlighting thanks to its allow interior, while the top is made with a polypropylene cord braid.

This system allows the ltration of air and dims the light that is projected towards the interior, generating a space that invites relaxation and makes Moon an ideal piece for leisure or chill-out environments.


Hall 11. Stand B33 B39

The Black Note Collection may remind you of more traditional lighting fixtures made up of perpendicular cylindrical tubes that rise and fall in harmony with the fixture. The difference is that the light source is now fully integrated into the structure thanks to LED technology and that the shades are made of wood veneer.

The linear Black Note Keys fixture two lighting possibilities an ambient creating one or a more functional one depending on which type of illumination you need. An led strip offers direct light on the one hand while the cylindrical wooden tubes offer ambient light on the other.


Hall 11. Stand B33 B39

Thesis maintains the classical structure of a table or floor lamp, but the use of technology has changed the traditional configuration of the fixture. In the Thesis it is the actually the shade structure that houses the hidden LED light sources, eliminating the need for traditional light bulbs and bestowing the fixture with extremely streamlined simple lines. Thanks to LED technology and its integration into the design, we have been able to play with the proportions of the shade making it exceptionally light. The result is a singular and well balanced design that surprises in its functionality & minimalism.