Ramón Esteve Estudio was opened to the public during Valencia Design Week. Light and colour were the protagonists in the unique building in El Carmen that houses both the Studio and the architect’s home. In its hall you can visit a little display of Product Design made up of some of the most iconic pieces that Ramón Esteve has designed for the furniture firm Vondom during more than 10 years of close collaboration.

The alliance between the designer and the company led to the introduction of the firm in the luxury furniture sector, through total immersion in polymer injection and rotational moulding technologies and the beginning of the value enhancement of plastic as a material. After a profound synthesis exercise, they pushed technology and materials to the limit to create products such as the Quartz polypropylene injection-moulded chairs, where every gram of material is necessary to produce an extremely light furniture piece. The introduction of new processes such as polyurethane casting brings comfort to products such as the Tablet sofa, while the launch of new types of objects such as the Gatsby battery-powered LED lamp is an example of their current work and what is to come.