Ramón Esteve & IKEA works together at the Barreira Laboratory of Ideas

Ramon Esteve Estudio works together with IKEA at the Barreira Laboratory of Ideas in the next workshop of this design school. NEW LIVES – NEW HOMES is based on “a reflection about space and the needs required”, according to Paco Sanchis, driving force of the Department of Interior Design. Furthermore, “we are at a time when a thorough reflection on the traditional dwelling and its use for suiting a new situation is required”.Presentations, debates, practical classes… A reflection on the contemporary dwelling, by means of the development of some interior design projects, where the participants are going to work on real dwellings and current customers, because according to Ramón Esteve “the house should embody the whole complexity of life and generate a physical emotional environment for its inhabitants.”

The theoretical-practical sessions will take place during the next weeks, beginning on April 10th and 11th from 18:00 to 20:00 in La Cepillería, the extraordinary hub space at Barreira. The resulting designs will be collected in a publication and shown to the public on May 31st.