20 years of Na Xemena

Na Xemena House and the collection of outdoor furniture Na Xemena, both designed by Ramón Esteve, celebrate their 20thbirthday.

Both the house and the furniture have become points of reference for the contemporary design. The collection, an icon of outdoor furniture, was designed by the architect following the same conceptual parameters as the house and was later produced by the company Gandía Blasco.

The cultural and physical environment was a leading thread for the process of designing this house in Na Xemena Cove, Ibiza: the light, a landscape of rocks and junipers, the sea as horizon and the cliffs outlined against it.

“Na Xemena was the first design where I could firmly express my way of making architecture in several aspects: from the relation with the place, both physically and culturally, to the manipulation of the perception of the place in order to create a complete experience.”

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Na Xemena 20 aniversario