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Carme Pinós might be better known as an architect abroad, her work included in the MoMA or the Pompidou collections, than among her countrymen, where the early recognition that she achieved during her first phase together with Enric Miralles still bears a huge weight.

Carme Pinós’ distinctive architecture is always linked to the landscape, mainly in urban interventions such as the seafront in Torrevieja that brought her back to the first line of Spanish architecture, but also in iconic buildings such as the Cube Tower in Guadalajara (Mexico), a building that, despite looking so lightweight that it seems it might fly, is deeply rooted into the soil.

However, in a singular architecture that includes everything from structure to detail, furniture has been always neatly integrated in the design, from the zigzag benches in the boarding school in Morella to the whole furniture designed for the CaixaForum Cultural Centre in Zaragoza or the pews for the new crematorium in the Igualada Cemetery.

I try to maintain a dialogue with the big and the small at the same time, with the most abstract and the most organic, because the organic follows a rule, a structure, but grows with the specific, with the accidents. Carme Pinós, Arquitecturas, 2015

Carme Pinós launched in 2012 a furniture collection named Objects led by the same spirit that inspires her architectural work, an aesthetic based on simplicity that doesn’t allow any gesture except the structural ones. These objects contain the same hard-edged, jagged lines with which structure defines her architecture’s shape. To ensure such consistency, the studio not only designs but also commercializes these objects and maintains close supervision on the manufacturing process in local industrial workshops.