Mallorca Under construction sup. 940 m2


The Marés house is a shelter in Tramuntana Mountains that is inspired by the materials, colours and constructive solutions of the Mallorcan traditional architecture to obtain a Passivhaus house integrated into the ravine.

The house consists of three longitudinal volumes that set back against each other and are extended to the outside by wooden porches that project the interior structure of the house. These porches allow vegetation to grow between the porticos and generate wide shaded spaces that protect the openings in the walls. The pool is conceived as a large pond by the sidewalk covered by one of the porches.



The arrangement of the volumes generates several outdoor areas that allow different uses of the house according to the different seasons and depending on the sunshine or the wind, thus adapting to the needs of its inhabitants.

The chosen materials provide a great feeling of warmth and seclusion, due to its natural textures and warm and neutral colours. The corners of the thick dry-stone masonry walls are made of large marés blocks that define and delimit the geometry of the house. All openings are protected by a system of wooden Majorcan shutters that open fully to maximize views of the landscape.

We access the house through the central volume, which separates the day and night areas. Inside, the exposed wooden structure gives continuity to the porches and provides a great feeling of warmth and seclusion.

The day area is organized around a free-standing fireplace that serves both the dining room and the living room. A glass wine cabinet delimits the kitchen and allows a visual connection with the living room. The bedroom has panoramic views in various directions towards the Tramuntana Moiuntains and a terrace that extends the bedroom outdoors.

The night lighting highlights the quality of the materials used, enhancing their textures and natural colours and valuing the integration with the landscape.

  • Architect

    Ramón Esteve

  • Project Team

    Estefanía Pérez
    Cristina Calpe

    Tesa Piá

    Concheta Romaní

  • 3D Rendering

    Tudi Soriano
    Pau Raigal
    Guido Bolognini

  • Building Engineer

    Emilio Pérez
    Sergio Cremades

  • Partners

    Temcco Sistemas y Estructuras
    Leing Ingeniería

  • Project Year