06 / 04 / 2018

Land Rover Born 2018 Awards Bombas Gens

Ramón Esteve has been awarded the Land Rover Born Prize in the Architecture section to his work in the rehabilitation project of the Bombas Gens Centre in Valencia; a former factory with an unquestionable social-historical value and one of the rare remaining examples of the industrial architecture of the thirties. The new facilities have been created as an internationally renowned multi-use space where Fundació Per Amor a L’Art will carry out its three- branch activity (arts, society and research).


The Land Rover Born International Awards, created by Jean Christophe Chopin eight years ago, recognize the creative talent that successfully brings together innovation and functionality in an aesthetic way in six different sections: Architecture, Technology, Fashion, Home, Sports and Mobility.

After deliberations by the jury, which was made up of distinguished names from the world of Spanish culture such as Carlos Urroz, Director of the ARCO Contemporary Art Fair; Marta Riopérez, Editorial Director of the Style section for the Hearst Group and the magazines Nuevo Estilo and Elle Deco; Ana Domínguez Siemens, journalist and curator of design exhibitions, who contributes to media such as AD España, Elle Decor, Marie Claire Maison and ABC Cultural; Iván Martínez Cubells, Director of Fuera de Serie (El Mundo): Jaime Hernández Soto, founding partner of MCH Private Equity; the President of the Spanish Fashion Creators’ Association, Modesto Lomba; designers Estrella Arch and Eugeni Quillet; architect Carlos Rubio Carvajal; the director of the Bachelor in Design course at the IE School of Architecture and Design, Edgar González; and the Director of Communication at Jaguar Land Rover Spain & Portugal, Belén de Lacalle; co-chaired by Gerry McGovern, Chief Design Officer at Land Rover, and Jean-Christophe Chopin, founder, CEO and creative manager of the BORN Awards, the winners of this eighth edition of the awards were as follows:

Ramón Esteve (Architecture)

Ecoalf (Technology)

Mayice Studio (Interior)

Camper (Fashion)

Pukas (Sports)

Cabify (Mobility)

The organization also awards two special prizes each year in recognition of a company or individual related to the world of art and design whose contributions have fostered interest in the made in Spain brand both within and beyond our borders. On this occasion the winners were the Loewe Foundation, in recognition of its work to promote creativity and educational programmes in the fields of poetry, dance, photography, design and crafts; and Alicia Koplowitz, for her tireless contribution to the art world in Spain, which has led to the loan of some of her assets to a collection to be conserved and shared with others. The two awards were presented at the ceremony last night by the Director of Communication of Jaguar Land Rover Spain, Belén de Lacalle, to Sheila Loewe and to Pedro Cortina Koplowitz, on behalf of his mother.

The Spanish winners, among the winners from Germany, France, England, USA and China, are going to present their designs in the Design Milan Week, in a space specifically held by Land Rover Born from 17th to 2nd April in the downtown district of Brera. Later, on 4th October, they are going to meet in London for the selection of the international winner.


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